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  • What is corrupt politics? First ask yourself what honest politics is. Would we know what that even looks like? Government (of the USA) was formed for the sole purpose of being subordinate to WE THE PEOPLE. Any deviation from that is corrution.
    Nonenforcement of our constition is sytemic political corruption. Weaponizing the government (FBI, IRS, DOJ, etc.) against the will of the collective “WE THE PEOPLE” along with proven election fraud, ensuring the inability for citizens to protect the terms of our constitution is where we are right now.
    While we have Democrats VS Republicans, Socialism/Communism vs. Capitalism, Left vs. Right, Liberalism vs. Conservatism, Mainstream Media vs. Journalism. What we really have is Big Government interests vs. WE THE PEOPLE.
    WE THE PEOPLE are the boiling frogs in a pot that didnt notice how hot it was getting, while most media coverage tells us that the sky is blue, in monsoon season.
    Tony Barone

Corrupt Politics